Tips to hire the best wedding photographer at Los Cabos, Mx

Photograph in your Events!

Yes, memories are important, that is why photography is the ideal medium that allows the family to have in their hands a memory that can last for a lifetime, because years after looking at the album highlight the feelings.

We give you some tips to choose the best for your events:


If you do not know what styles exist, it is important to know that today photojournalism takes a lot, that is, photograph while narrating a story, without poses, with different planes and capturing unique expressions. It is intimately related to artistic photography. It’s like a report that is made, with camera in hand and spontaneity, but with the wrapping of the style you choose. It is to narrate your event.
Also highlight the most natural photographs, but with compositions worked in advance and focusing even more on the gestures that arise from improvisation. On the other hand, traditional photography, with the usual poses and greater organization, also continues to triumph.
Finally, it is important that you know the budget, since the photographer deserves a good outlay, because they are increasingly valued and quoted. After all, they are responsible for capturing the memories of your events. Therefore, we recommend that 10% of your budget goes to these professionals.


Start the search in advance. As happens with places, good photographers are also known and known, and therefore they are separated with a lot of time. And if you already know the style you want for your photographic report, limit the search field and start a year in advance if your event is in high season, or at least six months if you go to do it in the off season.


Something very important is the connection with your photographer. You have to value the connection with them, since they will be present at all times and not the idea is that the guests or the celebrants never feel uncomfortable; You must know your ideas in person, in case they really fit your personality and style; and do not forget to observe their work to find explanations on how they have dealt with each of their photographs, each of their challenges.


If you know something about photography, it would not hurt to inform you about the equipment you are going to use. Although art comes from the artist, the medium used, especially in photography, can be essential. And, if you do not know about cameras, point to the model of your material and look for information to ensure quality.
On the other hand, he collects information about his equipment in general, because sometimes a certain production is needed to capture the photographs. It is very good that you know in detail everything that surrounds the photographer, also if you need an assistant and, if it is the case, to know what this is like.


Sometimes, there are mishaps that break down the initial ideas and it is better to know everything beforehand. Everything that inflates the price, both in the place of the shots and in the post-production room, must be detailed. There is nothing like a professional who loves what he does, because then it will not be a job, it will be a passion with which he earns his living.

You should know how long they will work, the price per hour or service, and the time they will dedicate to editing the photographs. All this is relevant to establish a final price.


Delivery times are essential to know when you can enjoy the photos. However, the work is laborious and those times change according to the professional. You can calculate delivery between two to four months, so it would not hurt to know before hiring the photographer. On the other hand, it explains the delivery format, the resolution, the quantity and the copies.

Now that you have these basic tips, remember that you can not improvise in the photographs that will be taken at an event. Good planning will help us to be concise and concrete with the material we need, especially for the photography team.
It is necessary to make clear what are the key moments of the event and which are the most important guests so that the photographic team has clear who to photograph. As well as having general plans of the location and the assistants.

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