Wedding Photo Ideas You’ll Want For Yourself

  • Props and a good background can really step your pics up a notch! Don’t believe us? Pretty sure this stunning outdoor wedding photo speaks VOLUMES.
  • Cameras can do some magical things. Use light to write a love message that will last forever in your pictures and also, it just looks really cool!
  • Take advantage of the morning or twilight glow and snag some super pretty photos with your significant other.
  • The flower girl and ring bearer make for some of the most adorable photos on your wedding day. Make sure your photographer is capturing some of their little candid moments.
  • It’s always a joyful moment when you’re making your grand exit down the aisle…especially when there’s confetti involved!
  • Show the world the piece of art you are going to wear on your special day. If you don’t have a picture-perfect bridal suite, consider using nature or another gorgeous background to feature your gown.
  • Getting some close-ups that focus solely on you are essential to your collection. Not only will they emphasize your stunning bridal glow, but let’s be honest — a lot of effort goes into your bridal look, so don’t be afraid to show it off!
  • Close-ups of just you are important, don’t get me wrong. But, close-ups of you and your groom are just as important!
  • Capturing those playful moments between you and your groom is a fun way to see your true personality in photos.
  • Hair? Check. Makeup? Check. Dress? Check! That moment when see yourself completely ready to marry the person of your dreams.
  • Photographers love when couples can just relax and be themselves during a shoot. Snuggle up close, have fun, and watch the intimacy unfold in your photos.
  • They’re your best friends, your sisters, and they play a huge part in your story. Being surrounded by all of your besties makes for some of the greatest memories and most loveable photos.
  • The first look is one of the sweetest moments during the big day. You need to be sure to capture this moment!
  • Let your style shine. Whether it be a flower crown, fur coat, or piece of extravagant jewelry, by adding a fun accessory to your shots, you’re adding a touch of personal flair.
  • Natural landscapes around you are a great idea to take advantage of in your wedding photography. Woods, lakes, and beaches all make for gorgeous backdrops.
  • Capturing those candid moments of love and laughter during the ceremony make for some amazing photographs.
  • Black and white gives such an elegant tone to wedding photography.
  • Take advantage of your wedding’s landscape so that you’ll never forget that magical place where you tied the knot!
  • You and your favorite girls – what could be better than that? Forget the overly-posed photos and just relax, have fun, and what the photo magic happen!

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